About Tasha


When I decided to open my own business, I relied on google and one of my good friends who owned a few barber shops to show me the way. I still had no idea what I was doing which is why I want to make this process SIMPLE. I am an entrepreneur with a focus in the beauty industry, but before I even thought of doing anything in the beauty world, I worked in corporate America making $500 a week. From corporate life, I went to employee life which wasn’t much better. I understand that starting your own business can be intimidating. I also understand how having a positive mindset, practical strategies, and excellent customer relations can create successful businesses within ANY industry. I want to save you from the endless google searches and the guessing game of what you do next to start out on your own. I’ve learned a lot in the last decade and I’m ready to share it all with you in my online courses and mentorship.

the Timeline

my journey


I was working at Anthem Blue Cross’ corporate offices making $12.50 an hour. In January, I decided I wanted to get out of the cubicle life so I enrolled in esthetician school. Once I graduated and got my license, I quit my job at Blue Cross and began learning how to do eyelash extensions.


I officially began my lash career in January, while also starting nursing school to get my BSN with the goal to work in a med spa once I became a registered nurse doing laser treatments, injections and high-end beauty services.


After working at a salon for over a year, I became very unhappy with the salon culture. I decided I wanted to leave and start my own business. I used the last part of 2012 to plan how I would go out on my own with my good friend, Evelyn, who became my business partner.


In March, we leased a storefront in Pasadena, CA, hired a contractor and did a complete build out of the space. We opened the doors to Wink Lash Studio in June, and by December, my first business had grossed over six figures!


Evelyn and I began training two other people to become lash artists and we started to think about hiring a receptionist to maintain our schedules and front desk duties. By the end of this year, we had more than doubled our first year’s gross sales and were preparing our two trainees to be on the floor come 2015.


Of the two new team members we hired, one had to be let go a couple weeks into her officially taking clients. This was rough emotionally and for our business but we kept growing and glowing. We hired a receptionist and ended the year with 4 of us as a team and our business grossed over $300k!


Things were going very well at Wink and I was getting the itch to create something new. Fall of 2016 I decided to open a second lash studio in San Diego, by myself, and call it Infinit Lash Boutique. Around this time, I also began working on Infinit Lash Products, which is a product line for other lash professionals. 2016 had the highest sales to date with a gross over $400k.


In January 2017 I launched my product line on Amazon and hired a girl to work in San Diego while continuing to grow my first business in Los Angeles.


A SEVEN FIGURE YEAR! Wink was flourishing with our team of 4 lash artists and an amazing receptionist. Infinit was steadily growing in San Diego, and to my delight, the product line was being purchased all around the globe and was receiving great feedback from other lash artists. This was the first year my three businesses grossed over a million dollars collectively.


In January I hired another lash artists at my San Diego studio, which brought our team to 3. In December I had to fire one of them, which taught me a great deal about the importance of hiring the RIGHT person based on attitude and work ethic, not skill set alone. Towards the end of the year, I was able to hire an amazing addition to my San Diego studio and was pleased with how we were maintaining the Los Angeles location. 2019 was the first year my businesses collectively grossed six figures all 12 months!


What a year 2020 was! On a business and a personal level this year was a challenge. California had one of the strictest restrictions in the US for Covid-19 which led to my 2 businesses being closed for 10+ months. I decided to close my San Diego location at the end of the year which was not an easy decision to make, but a necessary one. New things are in the pipeline for 2021 and I am so excited to share them with you as they unfold, (yay!).


After a decade in the beauty industry, 7 years of owning businesses, and surviving multiple mandated state closures, due to COVID-19, I am creating self-study programs for other entrepreneurs to guide them to take that initial leap of owning their own business and making it a profitable success! My programs are for the budding entrepreneurs as well as the seasoned ones looking to expand their success.

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