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The intention of this call is to empower you to build the confidence to reach your next level. Schedule a private one on one call with me where we can discuss where you are, what it is you desire, what you are working on, and then begin to work through any fears, limiting beliefs and mindset blocks you may be experiencing. We can discuss anything that is on your mind or heart that you are craving support for. This call is designed for the woman who is a go-getter and holds herself accountable. I will not do the work FOR you, but I will hold space to support you, offer help where I see it is beneficial and mentor you through your business needs.

what we can


Figure out the best way to implement policies and boundaries within your company.

Go over ways to improve your customer service and client experience

Build the confidence to raise your prices.

Hone in on energy leaks in your day to day habits.

Work on mindset blocks and emotional fears that pop up around your business.

Decide what kind of action you need to take.

how it works

Once you pay for your session(s), please email with preferences for dates and times of day. We will coordinate a day and time, and you will be sent a meeting ID for our private Zoom call.

Our call will be recorded, and any notes that I take during our session will be emailed to you with the link to our call so you can keep it for your reference.

*Please note sessions must be used within 30 days, (the series of 4 sessions can be one call a week, or more frequently if you prefer more support within a week). It is your responsibility to schedule your calls, I will not reach out to you to do so.  If you fail to schedule your private call, or do not use all the calls in the series, the call(s) will be considered rendered.

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4 WEEKLY SESSIONS (save $221)

I can't wait to walk with you as you claim your next level! Investing in your personal growth is one of the most transformative ways to reach your goals faster. Part of claiming your next level, is owning where you are currently, while walking through the fear, doubt, and "what ifs". Having the support of someone who knows what you are going through, can help you work through your mindset blocks, emotional fears, and help you decide what kind of action needs to be taken will help you tap into your power. I look forward to holding space for you.




  • How do i schedule my call with you?

Before paying for this service, please check out my website and social media accounts to get an idea of who I am and what I am about. Once your session is paid for, please email so we can schedule our call(s). All calls will be recorded, and sent to you after, so you can reference back to our conversation any time you desire.

  • What results can you guarantee for my call?

Your results are entirely dependent on you and the work that you do. The intention of this call is to help you get into the energy and space to make transformations within your life and business. I will hold space for you, offer direction, and supply resources where beneficial, but I can not do the work for you. If you know you don't hold yourself accountable to take action to make changes, this is not the service for you.

  • What happens if I don't use my call(s) within the 30 days, will you extend the offer?

I do not offer refunds/discounts if you fail to schedule or show up for our call. If you need to reschedule our call, a minimum of 24 hours notice is required to avoid forfeiting your session. All calls must be used within 30 days of purchasing, no exceptions.

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