Go From No Income to Consistent Cash Flow.

decide what

you want!


You know you can have the hottest salon in town, but you don't know where to start.


You've spent thousands of dollars to become a licensed professional, but you don't know where to begin to start making real money.


You want a full schedule.


You want to be known for your talent.


You want people in town raving about your services.


More than anything you desire effortless income and an empire worth bragging about. You being your own boss creates freedom to live life on your terms. Having your own business you're able to create your own scedule. You can hire other people to work for you. You can take your dream vacation when you desire.

Your potential is limitless!

You have the ability to grow your business as big as you want and design your life on your terms.

The First 3 Steps to Building Your Beauty Empire” is a one hour, self-study mini course created to help you go from no income to consistent cashflow with repeat clientele.

When I opened my first studio in 2013, I didn’t know a thing about business. I was frustrated having to use google and rely on random sources to figure out how to get started. I felt overwhelmed and at times defeated. I questioned myself many times if I should just go back to working for someone else. How can someone with no experience have a successful business? I spent a lot of time thinking about what I wanted because I was unhappy with my circumstances, yet I procrastinated on taking action. Was it worth the headache? Absolutely! Today, I have 2 successful lash studios in California and a product line that is purchased world-wide. My businesses bring in $2M+ a year and continue to grow. I have created businesses that thrive on personal connection and I am so proud to know that I did this on my own. Now I see very clearly that the only way to get where you want to go is to take action. I wasted months being miserable because I was afraid to take a leap. Each time I start a business I rely on the same 3 steps to make it successful and you can too.

what is included


How to drop the fear and limiting beliefs around your goals and aspirations

Big Picture

We dive into what our ideal business looks like and how to reverse engineer it.


You don’t need to spend a ton to get started.


Who are your ideal clients? Should you pay for marketing? How do you attract your soulmate clients?

Customer Service

Is the customer always right? Client issues, managing expectations.

Setting Boundaries

With family members and clients. How to enforce policies?

Positioning and Pricing

Quality over quantity. Determining your price point.


Think like a business owner.

in less than an hour, I am breaking down for you:

  • The exact 3 things I did to take my income from $0 to $10k+ a month.
  • The marketing strategies I use to create and sustain 2 booming businesses.
  • The money making activities I focus on to strategically and intentionally grow my businesses.
  • Most importantly, how you can implement all of the above into your business.
In Less Than An Hour I Am Breaking Down For You

how this course works

Upon enrollment you will gain instant access to this course. Once purchased you will have lifetime access to this program. Watch it as many times as you need, take notes, and soak it all in.

Accompanying this course is a workbook titled "You Can Bet on Yourself!" which will encourage you to strengthen your mindset, organize your thoughts, and stay focused on your goals. The journal prompts in this workbook will help you: work through limiting beliefs that are stifling your progress, begin thinking like the confident business woman you are, and inspire you to take action to accomplish your goals.

are you ready to

bet on yourself?

Pay in full now $297

Pay in 4 weekly installments of $97


  • Do I have to be a business owner to take this?

Absolutely not! This program goes over things that anyone with a business, or someone wanting to start a business, can benefit from. The mindset work, practical and energetic work can be applied to most businesses in different industries.

  • Will I get results from this program?

That is completely up to you. Only you know how committed you are, what you need to learn, etc. Some things may resonate with you more than others, but what I do promise is that everything in this program is what I did to reach the level of success that I have. As long as you show up, take action, and commit to betting on yourself, I don't see HOW your business wouldn't improve.


  • How long do I have to complete the program?

Once the course is purchased, you have it forever. You can log in and do it at your leisure, and you are able to re-watch it as much as you need. The goal is for you to retain the information so you can inject what you learn into your business and daily thoughts.

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